2018-2019 Supplemental Essay Prompts: Essay List


Some leading schools have introduced their 2018-2019 supplementary essay questions early and we are glad they did! As our students can attest, the ideal time to write college application essays is that the summer before senior year, that explains the reason why we’ve run our signature program. Producing quality essays before the school year starts decreases students’ anxiety and lets them concentrate on the other crucial elements of their software — including grades and test scores — throughout the autumn semester.

Though the 2018-2019 Common Program doesn’t go ahead until August 1st, several high schools have released their supplemental essay concerns for the upcoming program season. This offers a excellent opportunity for increasing seniors to leverage their summer breaks to start composing and revising essays today.

Dartmouth’s writing supplement needs applicants to write short answers to two essay prompts.

And still, there are people who adore it” As you seek entrance to the Class of 2023, what facets of the College’s schedule, campus or community surroundings attract your curiosity?

Supplemental Essay Prompts

Pick among these prompts and react in 250-300 words:

“I don’t have any particular gift,” Albert Einstein once noticed. Celebrate your fascination.
The word mo’olelois frequently interpreted as”narrative” but it may also refer to background, legend, genealogy, and heritage. Use these translations to present yourself. “The longer you use, the further you’ve got.” Share a creative instant or urge –in any form–which prompted creativity in your lifetime.

In the wake of World War II, Dartmouth President John Sloane Dickey, Class of 1929, proclaimed,”The planet’s issues are the issues…and there’s nothing wrong with the planet that greater human beings can’t fix.” Which of the planet’s”problems” inspires one to behave? How might your path of study at Dartmouth prepare one to tackle it?

At The Bingo Palace, writer Louise Erdrich, Class of 1976, writes,”…nobody becomes wise enough to actually know the heart of the other, even though it’s the job of our own life to attempt.” Discuss. And the flexible storyteller and performer recently told an aide,”The item I envision myself being at the future does not exist yet.” Could you relate?

Besides a Personal Statement, please select two (2) of this brief answer prompts under. Be considerate in your answers, but do not worry about what the ideal answer may be. We only need to get to know you a little better. Each reply should be no longer than 150 words.

  • What is your favorite fiction or non-fiction work (movie, book, TV series, record, poem, or drama )? Why?
  • What do you really wish to bring from the neighborhood into the Emory University community?
  • At the time of social networking, what exactly does engaging with ethics seem like for you personally?

Supplemental Essay Prompts

Please compose an essay on one of these prompts:

For Pomona students, the College’s place in Southern California is essential in forming their expertise. Inform us about a place, fictional or real, which has shaped you into a purposeful manner. Dating from 1914, the gates remain a powerful symbol now as we welcome each new category of pupils to enter them collectively. In the event that you should inscribe a fourth grade to the gates to explain students who input Pomona now, which adjective would you select? What quality do you need your Pomona peers to talk about, and why? Tell us about an experience of not getting everything you desired or obtaining it and it was a catastrophe.

Please be aware that Pomona College doesn’t specify a word limitation for supplemental essays, but on previous programs, they’ve recommended a composition ranging from 400-600 words.

How can the University of Chicago, as you understand it today, meet your desire for a specific type of learning, community, and potential? Please address with a few specificity your wishes and the way they relate to UChicago.
Essay 2 (Applicants are required to address a few of the drives under ):

In 2015, the town of Melbourne, Australia established a”tree-mail” support, where every one the trees from town obtained an email address so that citizens can report any tree-related troubles. As an unanticipated result, individuals started to email their favorite trees candy and sometimes humorous letters. Envision that this has been enlarged to any item (shrub or otherwise) from the Earth, and discuss with us the correspondence you would send to your preferred.
-Created by Hannah Lu, Class of 2020

You are on a voyage from the thirteenth century, sailing round the tempestuous seas. Imagine if, suddenly, you dropped off the edge of the planet?
-Created by Chandani Latey, AB’93

the term floccinaucinihilipilification is the action or habit of describing or seeing something as insignificant or of no worth. Coin your word using components from any terminology you select, tell us its own significance, and explain the logical (if only for you) situations where it could be most suitably utilized. Alohomora. Noisy roommate? Quietus. Feel the need to violate windows for a certain reason? Finestra. Make your own charm, charm, jinx, or alternative means for magic mayhem. How can it be filmed? Can there be an incantation? Does this demand a potion or other magic thing? If this is the case, what is in it or what is it? What exactly does it do? It goes as follows: you are guaranteed entrance to the University of Chicago regardless of any situation that come up. This bond is grounded on the state which you will receive a sterile, 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, and draw, write, sketch, color, stencil, paint etc., anything and everything you need on it your only limits are the boundaries of either side around the page. The catch… your entry, for the remainder of your lifetime, will always be the very first thing anybody you meet for the first time will soon see. When it’s in a job interview, a blind date, coming at your initial Humanities course, before you say,”hello,” they will have seen your webpage, and devised which initial impression. Show us your webpage. What is on this, and why? If your piece is mostly or entirely visual, then please make certain that you share a founder’s accompanying statement of 300 words, which we’ll gladly allow to become on its own, different page.PS: This really is a creative idea experimentation, and picking this essay prompt doesn’t guarantee your admission to UChicago.
-Created by Amandeep Singh Ahluwalia, Class of 2022

From the spirit of daring question, pose your question or select one of our previous prompts. Draw in your qualities as a writer, thinker, visionary, social critic, sage, citizen of earth, or potential citizen of this University of Chicago; take a tiny danger, and also have fun. (it is possible to locate some previous drives )

Please be aware that the University of Chicago’s early launch prompts don’t consist of word limitations, but on previous programs, they’ve required applicants to incorporate an individual – or two-page answer for Essay two .

Students using the Coalition Program are requested to incorporate an electronic file of the creation together with a brief reflection. Those using with the frequent Program are requested to respond to two brief essay prompts. Those using with the QuestBridge Program are asked to complete a brief Yale QuestBridge Questionnaire.

Pupils at Yale have lots of time to explore their own academic pursuits before committing to one or more major fields of research. Many pupils either alter their initial academic leadership or alter their heads entirely. As of the instant, what instructional areas appear to satisfy your interests or targets most professionally? Please subscribe to 3 in the list supplied?
Why do all these places are appealing to you? (100 words or fewer)

Supplemental Essay Prompts

What’s it all about Yale which has directed you to use?

Applicants submitting the Coalition Program or Common Program will also pick from the following subjects:

What motivates you? (35 words or fewer)

Yale’s residential schools regularly host discussions with guests representing a vast assortment of accomplishments and experiences. What individual, past or present, do you invite to speak? What question do you ask? What’s it called? What do you expect to grow your suitemates’ encounter? What do you expect they’ll add to yours?

Applicants submitting the Coalition Program (select one and react to 300 words or fewer; also upload upload a sound file, movie, picture, or file you have established that’s purposeful and relates to a own essay. Above this article, include a one-sentence outline of everything you have submitted) or Shared Application (select two and respond from 250 words or fewer) will Pick from the following essay topics:

  • Consider an idea or subject that’s been intellectually fascinating for you. Why are you attracted to it?
  • Reflect in your participation with a community where you belong. How do you believe you’ve contributed to the community?
  • Yale students, faculty, and alumni participate issues of national, local, and global significance. Go over an issue that’s important for you and how your college experience may help you deal with it.
  • In the event that you selected among the technology majors, please inform us more about what’s directed you into an interest in this area of research, what adventures (if any) you’ve had in technology, and exactly what it’s all about Yale’s engineering program that appeals to you personally.

UNC’s supplement may possess four prompts of that you have to choose two.

  • Inform us about a peer that has made a difference in your own lifetime.
  • What do you expect will alter about where you reside?
  • What’s 1 thing which we do not know about you which you need us to understand?
  • Think about your desktop, or what standpoint, opinion, or expertise, can help you bring about the instruction of your classmates in UNC?
  • UVA is seeking enthusiastic students to combine their diverse community of scholars, researchers, and musicians. Reply the question that matches the school/program to which you’re applying in a half page or about 250 words.

College of Arts and Sciences — Exactly what work of art, science, music, math, or literature has amazed, unsettled, or contested, and also in what way?

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences— In case you’re given financing for a little engineering job that could make everyday life better for a single friend or relative, what can you plan?

College of Architecture — Explain an example or location in which you’ve been inspired by design or architecture.

College of Nursing — School of Nursing applicants might have expertise shadowing, volunteering, or working in a healthcare environment. Inform us about a health care-related encounter or another substantial interaction which amuses your interest in analyzing Nursing

Kinesiology Program— Share experiences that led you to decide on the kinesiology major.

Answer one of these queries in a half page or about 250 words.

  • What is your favorite word and why?
  • We’re a community with quirks, both in speech and in customs.
  • Student self-governance, that promotes student initiative and investment, is a part of this UVA culture. In her fourth year at UVA, Laura Nelson was motivated to make Flash Seminars, one-time courses that ease high-speed debate about thought-provoking topics out traditional coursework. If you made a Flash Seminar, what notion would you research and why?
  • UVA pupils paint messages Bridge whenever they wish to share info with our neighborhood. What could you paint Beta Bridge and is this your own message? Give us an example of the way you have used what you have learned to create a positive effect in another individual’s life.

We’ll be upgrading this informative article list as further schools create their prompts accessible, so make certain to check back frequently!

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