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If the admissions committee has not specified a specific topic, choose the field that interests you or that you know the most about. If you choose a topic close to you, you can write an essay for university very easily and quickly. And the most important thing is that you will do it with pleasure.

As you begin writing your college application letter, remember that there is no set format you must follow. Moreover, it can even be a 200-word essay. The most important thing is to make your essay extremely exciting.

Our recommendations on the structure would be as follows. You can create an outline to make your writing easier. We recommend sticking to a basic format, which is that your essay should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introductory part should be attractive. You must interest the reader and make him want to read the essay to the end. It is also important to write a thesis. It should contain the main purpose of your piece.

In the main part, you should support your thesis and provide all the evidence. You need to fully disclose your topic. Write interestingly, and invent something unique in yourself that will captivate the reader’s attention.

In the last paragraph, you should summarize all of the above and confirm your thesis. Make sure the reader is left with something to think about after your essay. You should be memorable to the reader. Remember that you are unique and should stand out from the crowd.

Some options for college admissions essay examples

We have prepared several college essay examples for you. We recommend reading them and getting inspired. Analyze the texts, and maybe you will find a style of writing that is close to you. After reading these essay samples, you will understand what an essay should look like and what it should contain.

The first academic essay example: “I found my crazy hobby.”

       When I was still 5 years old, I told everyone that I would be able to speak all the languages of the world, I would understand all peoples and nationalities, and there would be no obstacles for me. Now I am 16, and I can already speak Chinese, French, and German, understand Arabic, and have a good command of Spanish. I found friends from different parts of the world, and I love talking with them. I have a dream of seeing them. But to fly to another country on my own, I need to learn all the languages perfectly.

        When I went to the first grade, I had an incredible desire to get to know the culture and life of China. My parents supported my curiosity and took me to Chinese language courses. Chinese characters, their interpretation, and the history of the origin of the language was fascinating to me. I began to admire this country and later found friends through social networks. Communicating with native speakers was difficult in the early stages, but later I improved my skills.

        We studied French and German at school. At first, I wouldn’t say I liked these languages, but later I took all my will into a fist and continued to study. I realized that I began to be proud of myself because I did not stop halfway and continued to fight. It is an incredible feeling when you realize the path you have taken. Of course, the Chinese language remained in first place in my ranking, but I also liked French and German very much.

        It is even more interesting with Arabic language because an ordinary man, a tourist from Egypt, encouraged me to learn it. He tried to ask me the way to the museum, and I couldn’t explain to him because he didn’t speak English very well. Believe it or not, I immediately came home and decided that I needed to learn Arabic as well. I have already learned this language on my own at home. I am quite disciplined and have self-restraint, so learning by myself was not difficult for me. I read a lot of textbooks, watched educational videos on the Internet, and communicated with my peers on social networks.

      I think I found my hobby in life. For somebody, it’s horse riding; for others, it’s tennis or football. And for me, it’s studying languages. What would bring me more pleasure than such an activity? Maybe you will say that I am crazy, but so be it. I want to go to your college to learn some more languages.

The second example: “I will fight till the end.”

       We all strive to be successful people, but life does not always favor our self-realization. Every person in his life seeks to achieve success. However, not everyone can do it. The words of the French emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte will be apt here: “Victory belongs to the most persistent.” I cannot but agree with this view. Perceive and purposefulness are the keys to success because I have seen this from my own experience.

        At the age of 10, I was unlucky and had an accident and could not walk for a long time. Now I run and enjoy life, but I had to go through a long and difficult way to understand this life. I realized that you need to work on your own to achieve something. Success depends only on you. While confined to a wheelchair, I did not stop training and resumed my studies at school. I studied at home on my own, worked out new topics, and did my lessons. In the 6th grade, I won the biology Olympiad and became the best in the city, and in the 7th grade, I decided to start doing my research.

        Reading is what helped me the most in my development. Sometimes it was very unfortunate and sad that the teachers explained everything to other children, and I had to learn it myself. There were moments when I wanted to give up, but I had enough strength to go forward. I set up a small laboratory at home and conducted experiments on plants. She studied their development and experimented. One scientist found out about me and decided to take me on as a young scientist. Now I come once a week to the laboratory and help with experiments.

        I wanted to show by my example that nothing is impossible in life and that a person can survive everything and achieve any goals. Now I have a big dream – to create a biological project in your college. I want to help students develop in this science and prove that it is interesting and useful for society.

The third example: “A beautiful butterfly grew from a bookworm.”

    As a child, I was always called a bookworm. There were probably reasons for that, because I was engrossed in those books, I could not leave the room all day and be completely immersed in reading. I think my mother instilled this passion in me because she read me books every evening when I was very young. I became incredibly fond of English literature after reading the Harry Potter book.

        Until that moment, I didn’t even know that by reading books, you can disappear from reality and be transported to the events in the book. I fully experienced each character’s life, felt all the emotions, and was enthralled by the unfolding events. I used to think that only when watching a movie can a person experience a certain story.

        In the senior classes of the school, in literature lessons, we studied serious works related to political issues. For example, the play “Doll’s House.” This work opened me to another direction in literature. I realized that you can express your thoughts, raise important issues for humanity, and contribute to the solution of global problems in books. At that moment, I realized that writing is exactly what I want to do. This is my vocation.

        When I looked at the educational programs of your college, I was ignited by an incredible desire to study with you. I can see how in-depth your subjects and lectures are. I think we will be very useful to each other and will bring a lot of benefits to the next generations.

         I recently started my blog and have been developing it a little bit. Now I write about the problems of society and ways to solve them. I greatly desire to continue developing as a writer and become famous for having a positive impact on society. Therefore, studying at your college would be a great opportunity for me to develop my skills and achieve my goal.

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